Dakotas Tour Schedule adjustment


Due to the CORVID-19 issue, our Dakotas Tour schedule has been adjusted. Fox Run, Bakke Crossing and Willow Run are canceled as scheduled. Bakker will be replaced with a pro-only event on July 1,2,3 at Central Valley in Hartford. Fox Run is rescheduled to July 6,7,8 as a pro-only event. The Bluffs is moved to Aug 7-9 and will still be a pro-am. The rest of the season remains the same. Players will have the option of transferring their entry fee to the current events or receive a refund if their registration is active.  If your registration has not been processed, I will simply not enter you into the event and you can register for the new events when that option becomes available tomorrow or the next day.  Entry fees will stay the same. Please let me know what your intentions are as soon as you can.  You can text me at the number below or email me at

Dennis Chandler
The Dakotas Tour
605 675-9145